Figuring Out Life – Day 1

Today was the start of a new dawn, a new life. Lets figure it out!

Me, my life and I have managed so far to whisp through life following in the footsteps of others. Often those footstep have led me to the right place, a happy place. Coasting could be one way of describing it.

Coasting is ok if you are happy. Emotions make us; and happiness is key. A quote I have read recently which maybe was the catalyst. “If you are busy doing nothing, when do you know you have finished?” something like that. It made me think about the stuff I do, and how often I do nothing. Using this nothing time I want to share my interests.

I’m pushing myself out there now – Looking at me, talking about my life, reviewing my interests. Following in the footsteps of people who have pioneered this new wave.

My skill set lies in Engineering. That is what I’m trained at. I spent 5 years studying to get my Masters and currently put it to (hopefully) good use. Throughout school I have always been into art and being creative. I’m hoping this will kick start this creative side of me and see where it takes me.